Body Worn Cam

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No Function Remarks
1 Rotate belt clip 360 °
2 Mode button Beep + Vibrate conversion mode
3 Recording start & stop button
5 Operation status display LED
6 HD camera lens
7 High-performance built-in microphone
8 Wi-Fi Bluetooth
9 Power switch and reset button
Chipset Ambarella A7
Recording Performance 1920*1080 30P, 1280*720 60P, 1280*720 30P, 7230P
Encoding Rate 4Mbps ~ 12Mbps
Video Compression H.264
Video Container MP4
Date and Time Embedded Video Frame
Viewing Angle Diagonal 130 Defree HD wide-angle lens
Time Sync Server time sync G
PS time sync
Normal(Using RTC in Camera)
Video Transfer Type Wired IP Network Download
GPS For time Syncand Location Data
Battery Capacity 1800mA Internal Battery
Battery Life 4-5 hours - Recording time
2 days - Standby(SleepMode)
Charging Time 2.5 hours
Status Indicator 2pcs dual color LED, Beep, Vibrats
Recording Command Push Record Button(Start & Stop)
Storage Micro SD card 16Gbytes - Default
Audio Input Built in Microphone (AAC Codec for Audio)
Dimension mm : 58(W)mm * 82.5(H)mm * 23(D)mm
inch : 2.28" * 3.25" * 0.91"
Weight 115g
Operating Temperature -20°C ~ 60°C (-4°F ~ 140°F)
Mount Rotatable Belt Clip
Attached Suspenders (Option)
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